Directions – Finding Us

As I work from my home it's not quite as obvious where I am as if I had a shop on the main road. Hopefully the directions below will help you to find the house without any problems.


By Car

You can get to Motcombe village from many directions, Shaftesbury, Gillingham or the A350. Once you've got to the village, follow the signs for "The Village Shop".

If you're coming from Shaftesbury or Gillingham the village shop will be on you left hand side in the centre of the village. You can find me 50 yards further on, on the right hand side of the road. There's a sign on the front fence.

Parking around the village shop can be tricky, so you are welcome to park on the drive if there's space.


By Bus

There are buses in and out of Motcombe, although you may struggle to get a return journey on the same bus. The following services run through the village:

X9 (Damory Coaches)
59 (Damory Coaches)
158 (South West Coaches)

You'll need to get off the bus at Willow Way. The bus will first go all the way through the village, turning round at Elm Close, and then come back down again, stopping just past the shop. Once you've got off the bus head back to the shop again and follow the directions above for the car.

About Laura:

Laura Marsh is the owner of The Little Pincushion in Motcombe, Shaftesbury.

She has over 12 years of sewing experience. Including features in Sewing World Magazine, working closely with both individuals and other businesses - everything from custom embroidery through to garment finishing and alterations, as well as teaching sewing skills to all ages.

You can reach her on 01747 897261 or