Garement Labelling Service

Re-labelling ServiceIf you offer your own range of products such as t-shirt, ties, sweatshirts etc, putting your own labels in can make the item that much more special.

I can offer a labelling or re-labelling (for re-branding etc) of items, on anything that can be sewn.

The basic price is £1 per label, this is for unpicking the old and inserting a new label.

Where no unpicking is required its £0.75 per label.

If you need the label to be inserted into a seam, it's £1.25 per label.

This service is available via mail order or in person. If you'd like to use a mail order service, please remember to include the new labels with your items. Return postage is also payable.

About Laura:

Laura Marsh is the owner of The Little Pincushion in Motcombe, Shaftesbury.

She has over 12 years of sewing experience. Including features in Sewing World Magazine, working closely with both individuals and other businesses - everything from custom embroidery through to garment finishing and alterations, as well as teaching sewing skills to all ages.

You can reach her on 01747 897261 or