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Don't let embroidery be scary!

"The first time I looked at getting some polo shirts embroidered by someone I couldn't understand anything. Most of them didn't do one off's, and when I finally got a price it was too far out of my budget for an imaged design. I settled on a plain polo shirt with 2 lines of text. This cost me £18 and the final result wasn't very good."

High quality at a sensible price! Embroidery should be a joy to look at, it can make something plain in to something wonderful. Your embroidery will probably out last the item you've had it embroidered on.


You can embroider more than you think.

*Custom badges as rewards for your children.
*Customising horse rugs.
*Using embroidery to hide a hole in a coat rather than patching it.
*Giving a little black dress a wow factor with embroidered hem or neckline detailing.
*Personalised cravats for the groomsmen.
*Embroidered wall art.
*Personalised soft toys.
*Monogramming towels (or anything else).
*Naming fabric lunch boxes.
*Making that gift extra special.
*Not forgetting all manner of work wear and school uniforms, blazers, polo shirts, ties, trousers etc

There really is no end to what can be embroidered. If you're not sure then call or email.


 Custom Embroidery On Your Products

The embroidery rates given in the Flat Rate Pricing List, provide two prices. A price for when you order your items through The Little Pincushion, and a price for when you provide your own.

Not everyone wants a batch of t-shirts logoing or a set of work aprons naming. Sometimes you may want to have embroidery on your own items. E.g. you need an image embroidering on fabric ready for you to make something out of it. Or you'd like to personalize a gift. Or you'd like all your bunny hats embroidered with little bunnies. . . . the list is endless!

So I'm more than happy to embroider things you bring in. Although it's worth noting that items that are really special may get damaged during the embroidery or you may change your mind later. So think about getting a badge/patch made instead so that you can sew it on separately. Should you change your mind you can always remove it.


Available Products

A huge variety of products and garments can be sourced for your embroidery. The rates on these products are very good. An online catalogue of the available items can be found here: http://www.pricedcollection.co.uk/

(This is the item or garment cost only, embroidery will be charged for separately.)



There are two types of embroidery prices. Which one to use will depend on your embroidery.

Flat Rate Embroidery Charges

If you're after standard embroidery of a logo/image or just text, in a standard size. Then the Flat Rate Embroidery Price List is for you.

The flat rate pricing is for general embroidery with up to 50% stitch coverage. Most logos and designs will fall into this category. All linework designs will be less than 50%.

If you have a design that you'd like embroidering that's over 50% coverage, then the design is charged by stitch count.

50-coverageIf you'd like to have badges made and your image is over 50% coverage e.g. a fully stitched background, consider having a stitched fabric background instead. This gives the illusion of a fully stitched image without the cost. Colours are limited so please ask for details.


Embroidery Prices By Stitch Count

If you've got a particularly stitch heavy design that covers more than 50% of the embroidery surface then the cost of the embroidery will be charged at a per 1000 stitch rate. (If you already have your design in embroidery format, please see the FAQ page to find out how to get your stitch count.) Please contact for more information.

In some cases pricing by stitch count may work out cheaper than flat rate items. e.g. very small line work designs. So
please ask if you're unsure.

The Flat Rate Price List (which includes the rate for stitch count embroidery at the bottom) can be found here: Embroidery Price List

Why use a flat rate for basic embroidery pricing?
I'd like to get a gift embroidered for someone can you do this?
I have a design I'd like embroidered, can you do this?
Why should I use your services over another local embroiderer?
Can you convert my picture in to embroidery format?
I already have a design in embroidery format, how can I tell how many stitches are in it?
Can I bring in my own items for you to embroider?
Is there a minimum order?
I'm not near you, can you provide a mail order service?
How long will it take you to embroider my items?
Do you offer screen printing as well as embroidery?