Below you will find a small selection of guide prices.

All prices are "from", this is the minimum cost, the more complex the alteration the higher the final price.

A more in depth price list can be downloaded from here: (Download a pdf verison here)



Price From

Shorten Plain


Shorten Vent/Turn Up/Lined


Lengthen Plain


Lengthen False Hem


Waist In/Out


Full Leg Taper


Re-Seat Trousers



Shirts Price From
Shorten Original Finish £9.00
Sleeve Shorten with Cuff £12.00
In at Sides £10.00
Repairs Ask for quote


Jackets & Coats Price From
Shorten Sleeves Plain (unlined) £9.00
Shorten Sleeves Vent (from) £20.00
Lengthen Sleeves £18.00
Shorten Hem £12.00
Take in Side Seams £12.00
Lift Shoulder £14.00
Lift Shoulder & Take in Side Seam £22.00
Replace Zip £12.00


Dresses & Skirts Price From
Shorten Hem Plain (from) £9.00
Shorten Hem Lined (from) £13.00
Shorten Hem Pleated (from) £15.00
Take In (from) £11.00
Shorten Strap (from) £10.00