Bespoke Design & Dressmaking

Bespoke Garments made to measure

Dressmaking from a pattern

Traditionally a dressmaker will work from a purchased pattern. The paper pattern is then altered to fit you. A toile (or mock version) of your garment is made up. A fitting is performed and then the final garment will be made.

You will need to source the pattern, and fabrics. Commercial patterns will advise you of what type of fabric is needed and how much to buy, but if you’re not sure, just ask and we’ll help to get it sorted.

Have a look online for paper patterns: SimplicityMcCall’s and Vogue, are a few well known brands. Find a style that you like, and get in touch.

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Bespoke Design & Dressmaking

There’s a lot of choice in sewing patterns available, and you may find it all a bit overwhelming. We can offer you something that is tailored to you, with our design and dressmaking service.

If you’ve got an idea, we can turn it into a design for you. 

From concept to garment, we’ll guide you through the whole process. And at the end you’ll have something that is just yours and fits you perfectly.

This process will take longer than dressmaking from a commercial pattern, as we will create the pattern from scratch using you measurements. You’ll also need more fittings for this service, to get the perfect fit.

Bespoke dressmaking and design

Basic Dressmaking Price Guide

The prices below are guides for basic garments. Prices are based on using a commercial sewing pattern, with no pattern alterations. For custom work, pattern making/alterations and more complex designs additional fees will apply.

Skirt: Straight/A-line Unlined
Skirt: Pleated
Skirt: Plaid Fabric
Blouse: L/Sleeve, cuffs, collar
Blouse: Lace, ruffles, pleats
Dress: Chemise, short sleeves
Dress: Waistline, long sleeves
Dress: Floor length, full skirt
Jacket: Unlined
Jacket: Tailored, Lined
Coat: Tailored
Trousers: Unlined
Trousers: Lined
Evening Dress/Bridesmaids


Fittings can now be booked for the design studio (near Stourhead) at English Attire, or our pop-up in Sherborne. Please use the booking links at the top of the page.

You can still drop off any alterations or repairs at one of our drop off locations.

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