Evening Wear & Prom Dress Alterations

It's Time To Get All Dressed Up!

There are a few times a year when it’s time to get all dressed up. Out come those high heels, your hair and makeup are done and you don that stunning evening gown, which is covered in beautiful embroidery and sequins.

Prom and wedding season are by far our most favourite time of year, as we get to see some many beautiful dresses. 

But with these beautiful dresses come the need for alterations. The most common alteration for evening and prom dresses is the length, they are usually floor length which means even a few centimetres too long and you’ll be tripping over it.

It’s not just length we alter. We can alter a huge array on your dress to get it fitting perfectly. This even includes heavily beaded and boned dresses.

Prom Dress Alterations Milborne Port

Fitting Evening Dresses

Generally speaking, we don’t quote prices. It’s very hard to tell what needs to be done without seeing the garment on. There is a simplified price guide at the bottom of the page, which will give you an idea. Each job is priced on the work required. The best way to get a total price, is to book a fitting. Once the fitting has been completed, you’ll be able to see how much the work will cost.

You’re under no obligation to continue with the work after a costing fitting, although there may be a small fee to cover the time for the appointment. (There is no fitting fee for going ahead with the work)

How far in advance should I book my fitting?

If you are planning any kind of weight loss or are body building etc, then book as close to the event as possible. 2-3 weeks is ideal. Many evening and prom dress are close fitting to the body, and extreme changes will mean the dress will not fit if you have it altered a long way ahead of your event.
If you’re fairly confident your body shape doesn’t change much then you can book up to 6 weeks prior to the event. This allows for a 2 week turn around, and 4 weeks before the event.
Last minute changes which were not originally charged for may be added to your bill.

How much will it Cost To Alter My Dress?

As with normal clothing alterations, it’s not possible to give a direct price without seeing the dress on and doing a fitting.

Once we’ve done fitting we’ll be able to give you a price for the work. 

There will be varying factors for evening wear which will affect the cost, for example:

How many layers of fabric are in the skirt.
Is the bodice boned.
Is there beading or sequins that will need to be replaced.
Will there be lace that needs to be unpick and re-applied

These are some of the things that you don’t find in your every day garment, they are part of what makes evening wear so stunning. But they also add to the complexity of the alteration.

Evening Gown Alteration Price Guide

The alterations that can be performed on evening wear are extensive, but the list below will help to give you a guide on what to expect when you have your dress altered. (Prices increase for boned, lace or beaded dresses, where  this will affect the alteration)

Shorten full skirt with one layer of lining
Each additional layer
Shorten full skirt with lining and netting

Take in at sides underarm to waist lined
Take in at sides underarm to hem lined
Shoulder lift without sleeves

Reshape neckline lined





Fittings can now be booked for the design studio (near Stourhead) at English Attire, or our pop-up in Sherborne. Please use the booking links at the top of the page.

You can still drop off any alterations or repairs at one of our drop off locations.

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