Garment Sampling Service

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Local garment Sampling serivce

You’ve had the idea, and made the pattern. Now you just need the sample garment to test it out. This is where we come in.

Creating a sample, is all about seeing how well the pattern works. If the fabric is the right choice, and if there are any other design issues that need addressing before you can think about production of your new garment.

Or it could just be you need a sample running up ready for a photoshoot. What ever it is, we’ll be delighted to help.

Garment Sampling Service

Creating your design

Creating a sample is much like dressmaking, just without the direct contact with the person who will be wearing the item.

With samples, it will isn’t known how long the garment will take to construct. Therefore an hourly working rate will be charged.

You are welcome to pre-cut the fabric pieces if you wish to save time. Although we ask you also provide a copy of the pattern, as this will help to guide the sewing process.

If at any point in the construction process, we come across design issues that can be rectified with a few minor pattern alterations, or a change in a the way the garment is construction we will consult with you to get the best finish.

We can also provide you with an updated pattern if we find any errors. Please have a look at our pattern drafting services for more information.

Fittings can now be booked for the design studio (near Stourhead) at English Attire, or our pop-up in Sherborne. Please use the booking links at the top of the page.

You can still drop off any alterations or repairs at one of our drop off locations.

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